Bishop Chatard Assembly 245

2022 Payment and Donation

Page updated August 3, 2022


With request to make paying annual dues “electronic”, here are our options. 
First year with electronic payments.  This web page is new.  If you have questions, please contact our comptroller first.   The current Faithful Comptroller is Richard Aldridge, 317-446-5848.
Questions about TOTAL Disability Exemption go to your council Financial Secretary.  

When making any payment remember two important points:

1.       Make payment to BISHOP CHATARD ASSEMBLY #245

2.       Include your name, as it appears on your card, in the memo section.

3.       Verify YOUR mailing address is correct on the invoice.  Call comptroller for changes before you pay.

4.       Remember, if the account is not the members account, I need to know who the payment is for.   Business checks, account in spouse name, caregiver account.

The Bishop Chatard checking account is with Chase Business. 

Standard check payment for dues and donations

Make check payable to BISHOP CHATARD ASSEMBLY #245.   
Mail to

 Bishop Chatard Assembly 

Richard Aldridge, FC

7161 Swallow Ln.

Plainfield, IN 46168-1880



Bank to Bank payments

There are several options for making Electronic “pay”.

1.       General checking account “payment” option.   You will “Add payee”. 

Nickname: ASSEMBLY
Address: 7161 Swallow Ln. Plainfield, IN 46168
Phone: 317-446-5848
Account #:  enter your name membership number

·         Note: this method sends a paper check to the address listed.  Once the check is received and deposited, you will see the cashed check in your statement.

2.       Zelle option:   Our current option offered by our bank, CHASE.  There are several central Indiana banks that offer Zelle payments. 
***Zelle users: I can send you an invoice via Zelle, allowing you to have all the entries filled, you just process the payment.

Zelle will request a phone or email to send payment.  Please enter ASSEMBLY245@INDIANAKOFC.ORG.   Zelle will recognize this as our account and the money is deposited directly into Assembly checking account.

3.       Person-to-Person:   Several applications and several banks off this under different names.  This is a payment made to a cell phone or an email.  Once received, the recipient completes the transfer to their bank by entering their checking account information.

Make payment to ASSEMBLY245@INDIANAKOFC.ORG      

PayPal, Credit Card, Venmo

PayPal has an added fee.   You will be charged $26.01 to pay your $25 dues.  If you owe multiple years, you need to make multiple payments.  

***PayPal users: for dues other than $25, I can send you a Paypal Invoice via PayPal, allowing you to have all the entries filled, you just process the payment.

Venmo payments are sent to ASSEMBLY245@INDIANAKOFC.ORG

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